No faces on my brocollis please…

February 16, 2009

Disclaimer (As always) These are not my blogs but they are either funny, whacked out, or interesting as hell in someway. Totally not mine and I don’t get anything out of it except a page to easily access my favorite pages XD If you are the blog owners and don’t want me linking to your pages, please just say so:D

1. WTF, Brocolli?

Broccoli with Faces

OMg this is disturbingly funny (and just plain disturbing) …yesh…subliminal messaging on the packaging of broccolis…ew…no thanks. Check out their blog to read more…

Shock factor: 0.O

2. What happened to the food!


Hahaha cool…it seems that the original photographer of these photos are Tamás Balla with his hugarian website @

How creative!!! Food really is an art…

Shock factor:    😀


Not mine, but super fine

February 10, 2009

I get bored easily so I’m making a collection of funny stuff from other blogs so I can easily get to those links again….after all, why make a new blog about something funny as it is? 😀

Please don’t sue me, I seriously don’t get anything out of this except for your delight…but if you don’t like me linking to your blog, please say “HEY! A-HOLE! Take my blog link out!” But please take it as a compliment, if it’s not that good or funny, it would not be here XD

1. “This is why you’re fat”

Weeeee, oreo stack!!!

Weeeee, oreo stack!!!

Food food food… hahha fast food nation…giant supersized (damn…some of these look really disgusting and some look totally delish to me) meals with oodles of fatness. Food for thought? Or food for no thought?

(Courtesy of my dear sister who sent this to me…her blog is if you’re the least bit curious of what kind of person she’s like)

2.Pictures taken at the right time

Tasting Yao Ming's delish pitts

Tasting Yao Ming's delish pitts

Like the title, pictures taken just at the right time…hilarious…guaranteed at least a good laugh…seriously… even the guy sitting at the computer behind me started laughing…wait…what the…was he STALKING me?

(Stolen from <<filled with awesome design stuff)

Hello world!

February 10, 2009

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