No faces on my brocollis please…

Disclaimer (As always) These are not my blogs but they are either funny, whacked out, or interesting as hell in someway. Totally not mine and I don’t get anything out of it except a page to easily access my favorite pages XD If you are the blog owners and don’t want me linking to your pages, please just say so:D

1. WTF, Brocolli?

Broccoli with Faces

OMg this is disturbingly funny (and just plain disturbing) …yesh…subliminal messaging on the packaging of broccolis…ew…no thanks. Check out their blog to read more…

Shock factor: 0.O

2. What happened to the food!


Hahaha cool…it seems that the original photographer of these photos are Tamás Balla with his hugarian website @

How creative!!! Food really is an art…

Shock factor:    😀


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